How do i choose differnt meshes for each floor on a procedural building?

Hi all,

So ive created a basic procedural building in contruct script which sets the first mesh as a “Door Mesh” and then everything else as a “Wall Mesh”. Im using for loops to set the amount of times these wall pieces are repeated horizontally and vertically to set the width of the buildign and number of floors.

My question is essentially how can i set up the ability to choose a different mesh for each floor created if i so wanted? Much like i can choose the wall asset ive already set up

Furthermore, is there a way to construct all four sides of the building at once rather than just the front wall? (Im aware this will be alot more complicated)

Thanks a lot guys in advance!

Hi all, i apologise to any space and time this question may have taken up i solved this by attachng the number of floors index to an array that i made editable. I then attached this to the set static mesh of the original walls. Removing the wall Mesh variable