How do I check which team a player is on?

So I’m aiming to create a football game. I have an endzone trigger volume set up. What I want to be able to do to determine of a player within the volume should score points for their team is:

  1. Check if the player has the ball (they need the ball to score, obviously)
  2. Check if the player is on the appropriate team TO score (obviously, if you have the ball and are in your OWN endzone, you don’t want them to score…only when they cross their opponent’s goal line).

I can get this all to work fine with just my one single character…HOWEVER, eventually I’m going to want to know if ANY of the 11 guys on my team meets these conditions? How do I check variables such as “bHasBall?” and “bIsOnHomeTeam?” for ANY an ALL of my 11 team members?

There is no default concept of teams. You’ll have to add that yourself. The simplest way would be a simple integer variable in the player state.

To check the variables of multiple characters, use the ForEach macro.

Does this help?

Yup what MulleDK19 said.
And to expand on that I would have an array that contains each team member (Put this in the “GameModeBP” and add each player when they are spawned), then when ever I needed to ask the whole team something do the “For Each” thing