How do I check if 5 actors have the same value?

Hi there, I’m really new to scripting in general, and Blueprint goes completely over my head if I’m left to my own devices, here is my problem:
I am creating a MOBA map, I have 5 spires, currently they are all the same actor blueprint used five times within the map, I don’t know if this is right, please advise.
I need to be able to collect data on if the spire has reached it’s capture limit and which player captured it.
I hope someone can help, and rest assured there will probably be a lot more questions from me in the future.

If I understand it right all you need to do is create 5 Integet (Number) Wariables and just use the function Equal(Int) to ckeck if they are equal and if they are just set a Bollean Variable, which you can then use as a condition in a branch to say if those are euqals, then… and if not then…
I hope this helped,

This is my current Blueprint for ALL of my spires, how do I identify each spire within the map individually? How do I check if they are captured or not and how to I log which ‘player’ captured it?

How to I log which ‘player’ captured it?

If you look at the overlap event, there is a pin for “Other Actor” this is what you would use to detect which player was the last one to “capture” the spire. (You would use casting for this, cast the actor to a pawn and the pawn to a player controller, this will tell you which player did it.) You would then want to save that player into a variable in the spire blueprint.

How do I identify each spire within the map individually?

You could add a “Get All Actors of Class” node into your Game Mode blueprint, set to detect your spires. Save the results into a list. You can then check individual items in the list to see which spires have been captured and by whom.

The returnvalue of the “Get All Actors of Class” will gave you an array of all Actors found. You need to create an array of the same type and store the return value in it. This is what he meant with “List”.

Later you can go through this array with a “for each” loop, and check every actor. If you have created something inside your spire BP that is set to “captured” or “not captured” or something like this, you can check every actor for that.

Thanks, this is really helpful, one more thing, how do I save the results to a list?