How do I check for a change in a Text variable.

Hi, in my game I made a clock that counts days in a widget blueprint. I want the widget to only be visible for a short period of time after the day changes. How do I detect the change in the variable used to count the days. the variables I use are of the text variable type.

here are some images of my code

the top link is of the widget that changes the day value.
the bottom link is the level blueprint that changes the time and sets it to a variable which that variable is set to my “day” variable. (ignore the clock variable it is used for something else)

Thanks :slight_smile:

if youre not using online multiplayer and want a good way to cheat, click on the variable in the widget blueprint, and for replication settings set it to repNotify. that will create a function called OnRep Day that automatically gets called everytime the variable is updated

ok thanks but my variables are using a event tick to update. ie the OnRep_day function fires every frame. please let me know what I should or could do. thanks for posting.