How do I change the ue4 mannique?

I have this advanced movement animation that has root motion foot ik system crouch animation mocap animations and ragdoll. My problem is I want to change from the ue4 mannique, with my own character, from the research I found everyone is saying retarget the animations, I did but it just recreate the ue4 mannique animations with my character animations so now I have a pile of animations.

Is there a way I can export the ue4 mannique into maya or blender, and remove the skins and place my skins on the ue4 mannique, that I don’t know how to do correctly when I import the skeleton in blender the bones are twisted and over sized, how can I get my character into ue4 without retargeting and getting to use my skins with the mocap system working and ik system with no errors ? I would really appreciate this its something I been trying to figure out in the beginning.:slight_smile: