How do I change the target of a function? (Content Examples Bp_Slider)

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So, I’m trying to understand how in the content example the BP_slider is target for the Use Slider function. Mine is the player character. How do I change the target of a function?

What I’m trying to do is migrate the example content blueprints to another project as a template and use it to interact with other objects. So, far I can
make the sliders functional but for other things like making a knob rotate that is another can of worms. I assume the best way to do it is to break down
how the sliders communicate from the player character blueprint to the bp slider blueprint and examine the collision and other configurations so that I
understand how it all fits together. No easy task but it is a start. Assigning the sliders and knobs parameters is another issue.

(Please keep in mind I am a
designer hobbyist. Not a programmer however I dabble in php and other scripting code for decades so am also no novice. so, throw at me at least an avenue to learn and understand.)



It is inside of the player character pawn BP. Check for the player pawn by going to world properties and looking next to game mode.

Then if you see the event graph for the pawn, you will see that it does a trace on click. Then it breaks the hit result and checks the actor tag of the thing that was clicked. If the tag is slider, it fires the event to use slider, and itmfires the event using the hit actor of the trace.

The reason it is done that way is so that we don’t have tons of BPs all doing line traces on click. This way only the pawn BP does a trace.

Thanks. Ryan. I am understanding it a little better. I made another function for a static mesh (a record) that I want to use with the CE_game, the physics demo controller, and the player controller all working together and the key ingredient I think is to create a UseRecord function with the static mesh as its target in the player character. Where I get lost is how to incorporate the drop and pickup variables if you will allowing interaction with the mesh.

I decided to build an example project and follow simple blueprint interaction interface that calls an OnInteract event and see if I can stop a rotating object. After I get past that, I will study the sliders to see if I can merge the two concepts.

I do believe I examined the event graph for the pawn. I will review tonight and post a reply to thread if I make any revelations with screenshots.

The sliders that are migrated into my Turntable project interact beautifully, it is a matter of understanding how it works. It took me a week to build the source from code so I’ve been side tracked by that too. I’d like to add a type of parameter to each slider like crossfade for audio, volume control and pitch for audio. The mesh for pitch control on the turntable should be simple enough to swap.


I looked at this earlier and added the tag isRecord. However, how do I tag the mesh? In the import settings?