How do I change the spawning actor in vehicle blueprints?

I am using the vehicle blueprint to make a demo for our future investors so they see what they are investing in and instead of recoding and remodeling an entire vehicle I decided to cut time and just use what was available to me. However the world I made happens to be 5 times the size of the sedan which is clearly a problem. How can I make the spawning sedan 5 times its size when it spawns or how can I just place a sedan in the world and make that the user actor so whenever I click the user has control of the already there car?

Instead of trying to scale the car in the editor you should export it > rescale > re-rig(which is super simple) > reimport into the engine.

You can find the link to the FBX file of that Sedan in the description of this video:

I believe they use maya but I only have blender because its free will I able to do it without problems even though it’s a different editor?

Yes, it is in .FBX format so you will be able to import it into Blender, and then export as FBX again to bring it into the engine.

Okay great thank you I’m going to try it now!

So me and my partner were trying to do it he has maya and he exported it as an FBX file but when he tries to import it into unreal engine then he gets an error saying he cannot replace the current sedan file because it is refrenced in other places and blueprints. Is there a way around it?

Just change the name of the Sedan in the editor or the one you are importing. And then replace the Sedan in vehicle BP with yours.