How do I change the size of the collision for my character in BP?

So I am making a game where you can change the mesh of your character to one on the map, I already made the logic to change skeletal meshes. There is currently one issue: the collision doesn’t match the updated meshes. I cannot change the capsule component (which handles collision) because it is the root for my character.


Just an idea on top of my head : Would maybe be possible if instead of changing the meshes of a character, you could change the character BP completely (With Unpossess / possess).

I will try that, but duplicating a BP for every single mesh will be inconvenient to say the least… but I will try. Thanks!!!

If what you are making is somehow similar to the old game Messiah, that is, you can possess other human, animals etc, by possessing CharacterBP, you can get them to keep their information (health, etc), they can also manage your input differently.

Alright I tried to duplicate the original character BP but there are so many references that would break that it ain’t worth it, I need to find a way to change the size of the collision capsule. I was thinking if I can replicate the crouching function that comes with the engine I might have a shot here.