How Do I Change The Size of My Character?

I’ve been working on a demo level to form the basis of where I’ll be testing the core gameplay mechanics for my project but I’m stuck where I can’t seem to find a way to change the size of the character. How do I do this through blueprint or something?

You can change it by modifying the mesh and capsule inside the Character Blueprint. I am assuming you want to permanently increase the size of your player?

Yes, permanently. Is it just done through that or do I have to do other things as well?

Just the capsule and the mesh … scale that in the character blueprint and you should be good to go.

Depending on how much bigger you’re making the player, you might also need to adjust the camera position and their movement speed, though you can do that once you’ve scaled the mesh and capsule.

Use the scale character in blueprinter to do it in 3d and do some adjustment.

Changing capsule size doesn’t seem to do anything. Can somebody give a detailed description on how to modify character?

You have to modify the Mesh AND the Capsule. The mesh is your model … the capsule is used for collisions.

How do I modify mesh? I’ve just imported the 3rd person blueprint character.

You should be able to access the mesh component from your player character. Something to keep in mind is if you just modify the mesh and capsule, it will scale from the center point of the object, or as close to center as it can get. This can create complications if you are creating a game where you will be changing sizes quite often and don’t want the player character to clip into objects above/below. There is a node called “crouch maintains base location” which will scale the character relative to the floor as opposed to the center of the object. You can find a good example of how this is used in the UnrealStickFigured2D demo on the Learn tab.

Try this:

You will meet some problems if you try and grow under something that doesn’t have enough space, but it will work straightaway, otherwise. To grow return to your previous size, you need to add a flip-flop to Set Actor Scale 3D to 1, 1, 1. Just read my comment underneath the accepted answer.

Guys … he wants to permanently re-size his model … not grow it or script it to be grown. I don’t want to confuse the matter more. 8-}

Sorry, I read it as he wanted to resize his character indefinitely. D’oh!

Oh wait … I can see now that maybe I could be wrong … Icaraeus … can you clarify … I think we have a solution for you. 8-}

I want it to be permanently resized to something realistic.

Okay … so then you open the character blueprint and resize the mesh using the scale tool and resize the capsule using the size settings on the details panel of the capsule. Click the mesh in your viewport and you will then be able to resize it. Click the capsule in your viewport and you will have access to the size settings in the details panel.


I resized both and nothing changed.

Have you found something similar to this?

I think that scale is what you should be looking for.

Sorry, I don’t have access to my PC at the moment, so I can’t do or test this for you.

I found that for the capsule and character blueprint, but changing it did nothing.

Does anyone know what else I could do?