How do I change the scale of an Axis mapping through c++?

I am building a system for rebinding key mappings based on c++ and wonder how I change the scale of a AxisMapping?

The scale in an axis mapping is essentially a float that determines if you move forwards or backwards when you use the the same AxisMapping for moving Forwards and backwards, like the default projects in UE4.

My current system succesfully creates and binds new Axis mappings and Removes the old, but the scale is always set to 0 when I create them, which means that I do not move at all when using them.

Is there any way to change the scale of an existing Axis mapping through c++?

Alternatively, in blueprints there is a variable called an Input Axis Key Mapping that holds all the variables used to change a mapping, is there any way to use that as a c++ variable?