How Do I Change the Project Name?

So, I would have thought this would be easier, but the solutions I’ve found have only dated back to 2016 and I was wondering if there’s an easier method that I’m missing?

I just want to re-title it from “PlatformerGame” to “TaleOfCubert”.

I’ve seen other methods in which you have to manually edit the documents, but that seems outdated and when I tried it on a copy of my project, it broke it. (Thankfully, I made a copy).

Help would be most appreciated.

Unfortunately this is not something that is “change name button click” easy. You have to edit documents manually, and if it is a C++ project it can be more involved. Just make a backup first because it can be easy to miss something and break the project. Here is a good tutorial on how to do it properly:

As of 4.25, the Launcher provides an option to clone/rename projects but gives a warning when trying to clone C++ projects. Until that changes, you can use this tool that I wrote. It automates the renaming process for both BP-only and C++ projects. Enjoy :).