How do I change the material

When I spawn a pawn how do I change the material:

AMyPawn* pawn = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AMyPawn>(PawnList[p], spawnLocation, spawnRotation);
for (TObjectIterator<UStaticMeshComponent> Itr(pawn->GetWorld()); Itr; ++Itr)
    Itr->SetMaterial(0, PawnList[p].GetDefaultObject()->Materials[m]);

Maybe this one can help you.

Thank you 3dgo :slight_smile:

Is there a simpler way:

    TArray<UMaterialInterface*> Materials;

    const TArray<UActorComponent*>& theComponents = pawn->GetComponents();
    int32 componentCount = theComponents.Num();
    for (int32 x = 0; x < componentCount; x++)
        USkeletalMeshComponent* mesh = Cast<USkeletalMeshComponent>(theComponents[x]);
        if (mesh)
            mesh->SetMaterial(0, MyPawn.GetDefaultObject()->Materials[m]);