How do I change the gravity of a projectile?

I am simple trying to make the standard yellow ball projectile to have no gravity affect and change the expiration time.
for some reason the settings i change are incorrect, would i edit the projectile settings or the character that spawns the projectile.


Sounds like what you are looking for is under the Components tab of the Projectile. On the Projectile component, under details, find Projectile Gravity Scale and set that to 0.


For the expiration, look on the Event Graph and perhaps add a Delay node before Destroy Actor.


Hope this helps!


apparently the delay did not affect the projectile being destroyed at a different time.
and is there an option to allow the movement speed of the character to affect the speed of the projectile.

Depends on how you are calling the destroy. If you want it to destroy no mater what after X seconds, you’ll need to hook it up to Event Begin Play so that when it starts, it is destroyed after your specified time (attached image). I’ve also set it so that when it hits something it destroys itself (which ever comes first).

The way I mentioned above was hooked up following an overlap event so that once it hit something, it would destroy itself after the specified time.

Just depends on how you want to destroy the object.

thanks a lot, not much tutorials out there yet, appreciate your time to help.

If you say you are looking to the 1st person example, then the Destroy actor is inside a property, not in the code. Open the “FirstPersonProjectile” blueprint, click on the component “SELF” at the left components tab. Then on the details section at the “ACTOR” section, you will see an “Initial Life Span” property that I think is defaulted to 3. remove that value and the projectile will not be deleted. Once you remove that, you can change it programatically. (Probably if you put a value greater than 3, this property was winning before your value)