How do i change the color of a component mesh

So how do i change the color of a component mesh from my blueprint to be different in a other instance of of the same blueprint. HELP !!

Please describe a bit how your setup is. If you just want to drag multiple blueprints in your world and have each to select a different color, you would need to do that with Material instances. For that, read a bit here:
Then, you apply that material you created on your mesh. Then, in the blueprint, you basicially need to create the Dynamic Material Instance first. I do that usually in construction script. Then you assign that to a variable, and once you change a color variable, the mesh color will change. This is a little example:


Should be working :slight_smile:

this is pretty much my setup but the color change applies to all instances of the blueprint, yes i know i can create material instances with different colors and select the material with the color i need
im interested if its possible to have same blueprint with different colors which are chosen from a color picker im building this blueprint for people with low to no knowledge of the editor and creating a instance material with the color they want and adding that material in to the blueprint are to many clicks for them.

im now considering creating an array of instance materials and to select from a series of predefined (material instances) colors

but if some has a solution for my initial problem please post it

Using this setup you had already created a new material instance every time you duplicated the Blueprint.
You can set the Color variable in the Blueprint to be public then you can change that variable per instance in the level.

The guy above me is right! I actually forgot to mention that the Color Variable (Linear Color type) is public, and because you create the instance at the construction script, every Duplication of the blueprint has its own one, and if you change the Color variable to public, you can set it in the properties of the blueprints in your favor.