How do i change the character mesh?

im modeling my hands and weapon together, and i need to know how to change my character mesh when i switch weapons. Also, how would i make shure they are in the right position after they have been switched?

It’s easier to do them separately that way you can attach the weapons to a socket in the hands. You can adjust the sockets and preview a given weapon in the animation screen where you create sockets. What I do is have 2 sheath sockets and 2 weapon sockets. When I enter battle mode I switch the mount point of the weapons. This can also be done via animation for grabbing your weapons. ,

Don’t you have to use a sculpting program like MAYA?

How do i bend the fingers and set the weapon in the right position? and how do i do animations that require the fingers to be in exactly the right place?

yeah. why?

You have two blend spaces for idle. One blend space is for animation with out weapon in hand the next is a attack mode blend space with animations for attack mode with finger positions in place.

You can set weapons by spawning the weapon meshes and attaching them to the correct sockets. I’ll post my BP for this before work in the Helpful BP functions forum post before I go to work one moment please.

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