How do I change Set Objective into an event?

So I am trying to make a HUD element similar to the one in the content example. Specifically the one that gives distance to an objective. I am trying to get it to match the one in the Content Example but the BP_HUD_Example has a red (event) node version of the “Set Objective” function from BPI_HUD_Interface_Events blueprint. I know it references it, when you double click on it it takes you to it. I can see the function call in my level blueprint, but I cannot get the info I give that function inside my HUD script. How do I go about doing that?

Is it a custom event that I have to make?

So I looked into it more and it is a custom event. It shows up under add event in the blueprint rightclick menu. How do I create it? Where is it stored so that I can copy it? I even tried to copy the blueprint that has it in and it goes away when I do that. Why is it set up that way? It gives no information on a right click that would be useful.

The answer is that you have to assign the Blueprint Interface to the HUD Blueprint. To do this you click on “Blueprint Options” and then under interfaces you add your custom interface there.