How do i change dinosaur colors

I love on ere for a solution to how to change the dinosaurs colors in ark but i couldnt find it i only found tutorials on how to make a mod and a map

First, the colors that you are able to use are located in the PrimalGameData BP. You’ll want to remember the name associated with the particular color. There are 36 different colors to choose from. Here’s what it looks like:

Next, you will need to locate the DinoColorSet associated with the particular dino that you want to change the color of. So if you want to adjust every dino, then you will need to repeat this process for all of them. In this example I’ll use my Boss Rex Test variation.

  • Duplicate DinoColorSet_Rex then change it to your desired name and open it up.

You’ll see 6 elements underneath Color Set Definitions:

You will only need to worry about the values with the yellow arrow icon. (ones highlighted in red). After that, go ahead and expand the color sections. This is where you will see which color values are currently being used by the Dino. The first thing I did was remove all of the color values except one per section. I then changed the colors to something very recognizeable so I could tell which sections of the dino are affected by which color.


Once that is done, you will need to change the CharacterBP of the dino you’re changing so it uses your new DinoColorSet BP. Simply open up Rex_Character_BP and type color in the search bar. You should now see two entries that you need to change to your new DinoColorSet (Or if you’d like you could have male and female variations).

Finally, spawn your dino and see how it looks:

From here just go back and change the colors to the values that you actually want to use. If you want the dino to have the same color scheme everytime, just put one color in each definition. If you want some variety with different colors, just add more.


Should the Region Name be deleted too?

I have deleted them except for a Section. The Region Name is ‘All’ and I change Colour Entry to ‘Dino Albino’. When i tried to spawn it in viewport. It did not show.

Please assist.

Thank you

Region name is what the developers have used to tag the area, it’s just an internal file tag.

If you want to make your whole dino ‘Dino Albino’, then you should just change each Color Entry Name to that. I left all region names as is.

each section is a different part of the dino head,belly,crown ect in each section is a colour variation so basic is where u want the colour and then what colours :slight_smile: