How do I change Default pawn and keep it for new level?

So I have a custom player controller to set my defaults pawn,
and having a Game instance to store my default pawn (uses pawn class var),
When game starts I cast to the instance and get the desired pawn but when I get that to set it for my Gamemode’s default pawn, It’s not setting it,
The blueprint in the image that I attached, is not failing but do nothing?
So how do I change my default pawn in my custom gamemode and store it for future levels?

UE4 does (almost) everything you ask it to do. However, most of its basic feature are hard to get into cause it’s a very different way of thinking and working from code only development.

So first I suggest you write again your question, cause it’s very unclear what you are asking here. Instead of asking something like : “I did this, but it doesn’t work, please help”, try to formulate like this: “How to do this things ?”

To answer your question about default values, you can do it in two ways:

  • Using the project settings to set default pawn, default controller, etc etc. These default values will be used if the current level doesn’t override them.
  • The “World Override” settings (in the editor, click on Blueprints, then at the bottom you can see it). Theses settings will override the project settings. So here you can set different default values matching the level your are playing.

So I bet you set your default values in your “World override” settings instead of the “Project settings”. That’s why they fall back to unreal engine default values when you load a new level.

About your cast… I don’t know. If it’s “working” in the second level (the one with wrong default pawn etc), it’s weird.


Rewrite your question, change the title, remove “bug report” cause you are not reporting anything.
And mostly, keep calm.
Oh, and RTFM a bit more please :smiley:

Best regards.
Good luck.

Jus fixed it and hope you’ll understand me!, sry for being a little frustrated! thanks!