How do I change child actor class (of BP_MotionController) dynamic material via user input


So I’m trying to implement a touch controller mesh using the default motion controller blueprint in the place of the default hand mesh. I’m just trying to change emission of the buttom via dynamic material whenever the buttom is pressed.

My parent Material and my instance material for reference.

I first created an actor blueprint with the controller as a mesh. Inside it’s Construction Script I created an Dynamic Material with a variable named Dyn Material.

Inside Event graph I changed scalar parameters of the Dyn Material when the user presses Facebutton1 from both L and R MotionController. I also enabled input when Event BeginPlay (which broke teleportation)

Inside BP_MotionController I deleted the default Hand Mesh and changed it to my controller blueprint and changed its references to the BP.

Now inside VR whenever I press the buttom it changes the material of the actor if it’s placed in the world but it doesn’t change the mesh of the child actor of the BP_MotionController.

Can anyone gives me direction to an solution or what to do ? I’m new to UE, I spent almost all afternoon trying to change the ■■■■ button emission and I couldn’t find (or understand if I came across it ) a solution online.

Thanks !