How do i change character color by pressing a button

As the title implies, i am trying to make it so that when i press 1 2 or 3 the character body would change color to red blue and green, for instance.
I have found this tutorial UE4 - Tutorial - Dynamic Materials in BluePrints! (Request!) - YouTube that explains how to do it for objects but i can’t wrap my head around how to make the player Body material to do just that.
As you can see from the pictures, i tried to make the parent of the dynamic material the body material of the mannequin, but it does not work when i press the 1 key. I have also tried to make a material color collection to reference for the player skeletal mesh that has the body material and still nothing, i am at a complete loss.

After creating a dynamic material this way, you need to assign it to the mesh, otherwise you’re changing the created dynamic material, but the material on the mesh is different.

It worked.
It’s funny when the answer is so simple it is right in front of you and you still miss it.
Thank you very much