How do I change camera to free?

I am trying to make my camera movement like God of war 4, as of right now I can Orient to the rotation of the camera but I would like to have a free camera.
Basically, I don’t want to be able to run towards my camera always run where my camera is looking and when I press back I want to just back pedal into my camera.

Does the third person template not do this already? Have a look at how it is done there

It allows you to control rotation by movement, I want to have it to where it where

Orient rotation by movement is off when moving
And turns on only when I stop moving.

So I can get a free camera when standing still, but when I start moving it turns off Orient rotation to movement.

Ahh I see. There is a setting in either the camera or the character movement (I cannot remember exactly which one, it has been a while) which locks and unlocks the camera moving separate from the character. You could activate or deactivate this by checking the velocity of the character, so if velocity is more than 0 lock the camera. If it is 0 then unlock the camera.

This is just off the top of my head so hopefully it helps!

That’s what I figured but I can’t figure out how to check my velocity, I’ve tried get player character and get velocity and check if it’s above 0 and set a branch to make it to where if it’s greater than 0 it locks it and if it’s less it unlocks it… But it isn’t working that way.
Anyway you could explain via BP? Sorry, jw

I meant to upload this earlier - I gave it a try myself and this is the setup I used to achieve the mechanic. There are a couple of problems with it though, like the camera snapping from one to another, camera having a fit at a certain rotation, etc. I didn’t have the time to look into these any further but it is a starting point for you!

Thanks so much!
That actually really helps :grin: