How do i change Android Api?

I made a small game and i’m trying to put it on GooglePlay, but when i upload it on PlayGoogle i get the errors in the picture. Can somebody please tell me how can i change the Api from 9 to level 29?

I went in Project Settings > Platforms - Android > and i wrote 29 in the Minimum SDK and Targeted SDK lol. I’m pretty sure this is not how to fix it because now my phone does not ever recognize it or want to install it. Please help me.

Hi @CatalinDL.
Please, check hotfix for UE 4.25.4
Fixed! UE-97197 Development build targeting SDK 29 needs requestLegacyExternalStorage
Hope this helps.

Yea this is how i fixed it. I just migrated the entire project to 4.25, and packed using the AndroidStudio method and downloaded the latest APi. I wish you would have posted earlier, because i had a problem with Android phones not making the save file, i just unlocked all the levels out of frustration and just abandoned the game. Thank you.