How do I change an actors collision properties?

I want the main character to be able to dash while ignoring all enemies / enemy projectiles. Turning collision off works but then my character will dash into a wall. Is there a way to change the custom collision profile from blueprints?

Okay, i haven’t done a ton of testing on this but you can create your own collision channel in Project Settings->Collision then you can get the Capsule Component (as example) of your character and do a “Set Collision Object Type”. Make sure your walls are set to block this new custom type and everything else is not.

Hopefully that would work.



I have issues with this solution as I can’t seem to make an object channel that blocks one other channel but nothing else. I can’t find the object channnel collision matrix (if one exists) I want to change the collision presets, or at least add some new custom ones and switch between them is this possible?

I found the “set collision profile name” function. that, despite what it says in its description, changes your collision preset.

lol 8 years later on ue5 this helped me thank you