How do I change all these properties?

So I want to recreate some physics material bassed on real-life materials like glass, rock, gold, etc.
So I searched on the internet to find the properties of glass and I found these (on picture), but I don’t know how to apply them in UE4.
Could someone please tell me how to do this?

Be right back let me get my telescope.

Oh wait kenmerken.png49d1a1d61d11c10c9876f98c0a307b154209d3b3.pngglass kenmerken 3.0.pngglass kenmerken 2.0.png

From that list, the only properties that can be applied to UE actors out of the box are Density (physics setting) and Refractive index (material setting).

Everything else is really rather specific, not something you’d typically encounter in game tech - so you’d have to roll your own implementation for those.

And how would I do that? Because I want to make like 6 different spheres with different materials and see how and when they take damage.

Is this for a game or academic research?

It’s for a project in middle school and I want to try to make it as realistic as possible.

OK, gotcha. Well, it’s going to be a lot of work, but the basic approach would be to add the relevant properties to your actor class, supply the correct values for those, set up your simulation, and then intervene whenever two bodies collide and inject your calculations there, thus adjusting the response in terms of force transfer, surface damage etcetera.

Some very basic things like restitution and friction are supported by the PhysX implementation (although not exactly physically correct), and you can easily hook up any logic you want to collision events (provided that you supply said logic/calculations in question of course).

Beyond that however, it’s up to you to provide the maths required to figure out what happens when, say, a sphere with some particular hardness, bending strength and micro-scratch hardness hits another sphere with some different values for those parameters.

Or possibly find some high-end physics simulation library and try to integrate that. Or use some engineering grade CAD/CAM software that’s already capable of running simulations of this type. Game engine physics libraries such as PhysX (which UE uses) aren’t really built for this.

Thx man will look up some toturials on how to do this. This information will help allot!!