How do I change AI Perception sight radius to variable?

Is thier a way to change the Sight Radius of AIPerception inside of the AIController based on the controlled pawns variable?

I have a pawn I named SimpleAI that uses an AIController (AI_Brains), Behavior Tree (AI_IQ), Blackboard (AI_BB) in order to follow the player when it sees the player. I have all that correct and working however I need to change the Sight Radius based on a variable in SimpleAI. This would allow me to change how close the player must be to the SimpleAI before the player is seen and therefore allow me to create buffs and debuffs that would effect SimpleAI’s sight. My goal eventually is to have many SimpleAI Child pawns each with its own sight range and stats without making a new AIController for each.

instead of just picking an AIController select the SightAIController as its AI Controller Class as you play the level hit the apostrophe key or it might be the quotation mark key and then use your number pad to see the behavior tree at work (I think its #2 on the number pad) then you can see the sight radius. Add this component to your character sightAIController its also AI Controller Class.
Hopefully that helps if you were still wondering about this topic.