How do I change a print string's font, colour and position?

Hello, I’m currently working on a game level where collecting fireflies will display story snippets in order (even if the fireflies themselves are collected at random). I was able to achieve this using a print string (see screenshot), but now I am stuck as to how I am supposed to change the colour, font, and position of the text when displayed in-game.

Any help would be massively appreciated. I’m still very new to Unreal and am learning things as I go along, so I apologise in advance, aha.

Hi The print string is more a debug helper to know what’s going on. For what you want to do, you should create a UMG ( Widget) for the UI with some text and pass the variable to show the text in the right way you want. So you’ll be able to change what ever you want about the font, size, style and color.

Click on the down arrow of Print String node to change its color. If you want to set its specific location use DrawDebugString instead of Print String

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Hello, I’m new to UE4 and would like to know how to do this. Any help on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.

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