How do I change a masked material's color and the textures position?

Hello everyone, I am running into an issue in which I do not know how to set the position of a texture that I am working with, so it matches the mask origin location (Basically being able to set the texture at the center at a desired size as well). I am working with a transparent texture and a masking texture. The mask seems to be working but it does not allow me to change the color due to the transparent texture overlapping the other.

In order to adjust the position of the texture, you will need to manipulate it through UV mapping using the TexCoord node. By plugging in an Add node into the TexCoord node, you can change the position of the texture along the UV or XY axis. The TexCoord node has two channels, so you’ll need to utilize a mask node to shift the texture independently on each axis. The value 0.5 will be moving the texture half of the full space.

Hey! That’s great and helped me to understand a lot of things… but now I want to apply a mask to make transparent half of the chest of unreal manequin, but it affects both sides … how can I make the mask affect only one side of the mesh??

Thans a lot in advance