how do i catch a projectile mid air and/or after it stops moving?

Howdy. New dev here. To briefly explain what I’m attempting to do I am currently working on a first person baseball game and I’ve been trying to get pick up the ball to work correctly. So the way i have it set up is when the player overlap with the collision of the ball it destroys the actor. I was going to have it change an integer on the player to allow it to throw the ball again. basically imagine it a a gun with one bullet you have to pick up after you fire it. Here’s an image of the code I’m using.

The problem i have is that when i turn on the projective movement component it doesn’t work. like it just wont allow the player to overlap with it. Am i missing something? I essentially glued these blueprints onto the default projectile given in the fps example project. please help if you can.

are you sure its not working?
put the print string before the destroy actor

yeah i did that. that doesn’t work.

You’ll need a custom collision for this to work correctly and easily.

Project settings → Engine → Collision

Add a Object Channel. Name it Baseball, Default BLOCK.


Baseball class…

Root actor must be a sphere collision.
Scale the root component to meet the radius of the ball mesh.

Set the collision to Simulate HIT EVENTS. Uncheck Overlap events.
Character step on: No
Preset: Custom Collision
Collision enabled: Query Only
Type: Baseball

Tick the Ignore all flag, then manually Block the base channels and Baseball.

Add the Ball mesh. Set collision to No Collision.

If using Projectile movement component…
Add PMC. Enable BOUNCE.

Right click on the Root Collision component → Add Event → Hit Event.

On Hit Event → Check if its the GLOVE OR the BAT via Actor Tags.

In the GLOVE Actor add an actor tag (Glove).
In the BAT Actor add an actor tag (Bat).

In both these actors set the collision to Block (Baseball).

this isn’t working for me. it probably because i don’t have a glove actor. i just want it to react to the collision Component on the fps character. Thanks so much for your help though

All good, just adjust so the hit on Pawn collision triggers.