How do I cast to a empty actor to spawn an actor at the location?

Right now I am trying to make it so when my boss hits 2500/5000 health it will spawn additional targets around the map. I have three blueprints being the boss, the enemy to spawn, and the empty blueprint I put on the map. The issue is, I don’t know how to cast this. This is my current set up:

Where is this located in your blueprints? It seems if the Boss health is the driving factor for spawning enemies you would want this in your Boss BP. If it is not in the Boss BP but somewhere else like the level BP you will need an event dispatcher to access the level BP from the Boss or some other method of giving the level BP a reference to your Boss health. If this is in the “empty blueprint” then you need a reference to that BP within your boss BP so the boss can tell this empty blueprint when to spawn the drones. And unless this is multiplayer you don’t really need to use the “owner” pin. There are many ways to create the references. The below link has a bunch of tutorials about the basics of UE4 blueprints for beginners, #25 is dedicated to creating references which I think you will find useful.