How do I cast damage to an enemy AI character?

I’m trying to make a simple FPS, and I need a way to deal damage to enemies. I already have working AI that are able to deal damage to the player, but I’m unable to figure out how to deal damage to the enemies using projectiles. I would prefer to use the built in “Apply damage” system, if possible. Right now, I have the “Event Hit” node in the default projectile applying damage to the actor hit, but that doesn’t seem to be picked up by the “Event AnyDamage” node that I have in the AI character. I personally think that it has to do with the collisions of the enemy character and the projectile. Does anyone have a system for dealing damage via projectiles?

ok…for example!

Please look at picture.

Bullet Actor






  1. Player generates the bullet
  2. Collision of the Bullet hit the enemy.When pass the OtherActor to ApplyDamage.
  3. Fire the AnyDamageEvent

Thank you very much. The problem had to do with me using “On Hit” instead of “On Overlap”. I appreciate you help a lot.