How do I can implement a telekinesis-system!?

Hey guys, the question is above.
I just want to implement a basic grab system, which helps the player to move an object like telekinesis.

Here is a video which shows what I basically want to code:

I´ve tried to use a linetrace and teleport the selected object to the endpoint/hitlocation of the linetrace but this does not really work(It´s not smooth and very laggy).

Here are two tutorials, which should give you a nudge in the right direction:

Keep in mind that all your objects need to simulate physics, when using the physics handle. The tutorials are atleast based on this.
The second thing to mention is, when you want to increase the line trace to reach objects far away, just change the value of the “X” node or “multiply” node after the “forward vector” and change the value to something higher. If you want to throw objects away with force, you could also use “Add impulse”, when you release the object. Take the forward vector you see in the tutorials and create a second “X” node or “multiply” node and type in a number and connect the multiply node (yellow pin) with the “Impulse” node (yellow pin).

Hope it helped.