How do i call the trigger button of the vive in a BP in UE4.26 ?/


Im trying to call the Vive triggers to asign stuff to them but i can’t seem to find them when i want to call them.

For examble im following this tutorial Ooops! Invalid access

and it says to call the motion controller in the event graph but i cannot find them.

How do i call the trigger of the vive in UE4.26 ??/

Hi, i have same problem, all of buttons now missing, do u already solved this problem?


It’s very easy.

Go to the Project Settings ->Engine->Input->Bindings->Action (or Axis) Mappings. Create the event and map it to Vive Trigger. And now you can use trigger event in blueprint with custom actions.

Starting with version 4.24, you can not get events directly from motion controllers in blueprints.