How do I call a custom event in child class?

This is a bit of a tricky question and I apologize if my explanation is unclear.

The desired result is to have a custom shoot function in each different weapon type.

The current setup I have is I have a parent “Weapon” class that contains all of the attributes related to all weapon types. Then I have classes which inherit from this Weapon class (i.e. ‘Sniper’, ‘Shotgun’, etc).
Then my player blueprint contains a pointer to the “Weapon” class.
The weapon class and its children all have a custom shoot event.

Right now if I call the custom “Shoot” event from the player it will always call the Weapon class shoot event.

How can I use Blueprints to call the child class’ custom event without explicitly knowing the exact weapon type before hand?

Why don’t you use function instead? Child inherits functions from parent and you can override them so you child can call parent function too, so you can make common code to all weapons and individual for specific function.

Hi lunix,

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