How do i call a custom event funtion?

Öhm, this should work the same way, but i’m not sure if Epic changed something in the 4.6.1 update. There are a few things to check:

Are you sure you spelled it correctly?

Would you mind trying to press “Compile” in the upper left corner first?

Does this also happen in a complete new project?

Can you show me your Blueprint (:?

Can you make sure that you have “Context sensitive” marked at the upper right corner of the contest menu that opens when you rightclick?

Can you try calling the event by only rightclicking and searching it instead of dragging of the pin.

I’m following this tutorial:

At about the ten minute mark I am told to create a custom event, which I can do; however, immediately after I am told to call the custom event function and connect it to the first sequence pin. When I try to call the function, the function does not exist even though I have the option checked off to call the event in the editor.

How can I accomplish what is being done in the video?

I am using the 4.6.1 version of the engine.


(if the same blueprint just need to compile to find it) then press Right click and wright event name
you calling this event in another blueprint?
if so you need a cast to.

Attached screenshot shows a custom event I made and what happens when i try to search for the function call. It was compiled before searching. I started off with a blank c++ template and then created a new empty level. Please let me know if there is any other information you require.

I’m not at my pc right now, but would you mind disabling “Call in Editor” at the Event options at the lower left of the BP and try it again?

Though the Anim Notify bug is proven but i can’t recreat his problem.

Try to 1. Uncheck “contex sensitive” or 2. Restart your editor, it may be a bug - (i’ve had similar problem with custom Anim Notifys and restarting editor helped there)

Ah, so maybe it’s some different problem. Anyway, restarting editor is still worth checking - “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” :slight_smile:

in level BP right clic and put this ===>

I ended up closing the editor and verifying my installation. Fixed my issue thanks for the suggestions everyone!