How do I call a custom event from a widget blueprint?

Hi, I need some help with calling a custom event from a widget blueprint. In detail, I’m trying to make a system so when you click on a button in the widget it calls the custom event I made in the actor blueprint. I’m relativity new to blueprints and could use some suggestions.

Thanks for the help!

I’m assuming you are adding widget to viewport in playercontroller. Create a variable in playercontroller. Set variable type to your widget. Then set widget to your variable after adding to viewport. After that you can reach that widget with getting playercontroller and casting to your own playercontroller type.

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First Step Up A Event Dispatcher In Your Lets Say Wanting To Cast To Bp, I Want For Example To Run A Custom Event In An Actor BP And From Widget Class I Want To Call This Event When I Press A Button, For Example, Its A Very Optimized Way Of Doing Things, Here Are Some Photos:

This Is In Actor BP, I Set Up Dispatch (Made One) And I Dragged In The Event Of It, Then, We Tell It To Do Something From This BP When We Press Button From Other BP,
Now, The Other BP, Widget BP Where A Button Will Be Pressed:

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