How do I build Unreal Engine from source using an cmd command?

I got the source version of Unreal Engine 4.25 and my computer isn’t powerful enough due to build the unreal engine and have visual studio open. Is there a command that will let me do it from the command prompt? P.S. I’m using Win10 1903 an VS2019.

What does “powerful enough” mean?
The Visual Studio IDE is quite small on system demands, so keeping it open or not shouldn’t matter much, compared to the needs of the Unreal Editor itself.

Anyway, Visual Studio comes with a tool called “MSBuild” that you can use to build any solution/project from the command line. Here are the README instructions for UE4:

Just point MSBuild at the UE4 project and tell it to build the Win64 / Development Editor target, and it will do it.
Here’s the full documentation:…e?view=vs-2019

I looked through the document above and it works 100%! Thank you for your help. Also, I think the reason why VS is freezing is due to my laptop having integrated graphics and it has 4GB of RAM.

Just curious, with that configuration, why do you need to build the same from source?
I am sure Swap memory would do the trick, but it might take forever to build on that config