How do I build the Maya Live Link Plugins?

Hey Guys,
Forgive my ignorance but I am drawing a blank on how to build the maya Live Link plugins with the files that are supplied on github. If anyone can give me a hand that would be great.

Are you using the ones from the new repo? GitHub - ue4plugins/MayaLiveLink: Plugin for Maya that send data to Unreal Engine If so, you can already find built binaries under the Releases page. If you however need to build them the following steps should work. I followed these steps to do a custom build for Maya 2015 with new features. (See pull request and fork)

  1. Get the UE4 engine source code from Github. I downloaded specifically the 4.23 branch. It seems that some branches lock you to VS2015. The 4.23 branch works with newer VS versions.

  2. Follow the install steps for dependencies and project generation as described in the engine repo.

  3. Place the MayaLiveLink files (same as in your screenshot) under:

  4. Open CMD or PowerShell and run BuildMayaPlugin.bat from there. Don’t double click the bat file, it will close on finish/failure and you can’t read the warnings/errors.

If you need to modify the build in any way, edit the XML and .cs files and run again. You can create a new XML file and separate bat file if you want to do your own custom thing. Note that the build assumes that you have Maya installed in the default location, which you can see inside the build rules. You might also have to download the Maya SDK depending on the version you are compiling for.

Please note that I came up with these steps on my own based on the paths and don’t know if you are supposed to do this in some other way.

How did you link it to the Maya Dev Kit? I’m getting the Unreal part to compile but it fails on the Maya part