How do i build a moving walkway,like you see it on airports, in blueprint ?


I am trying to build a moving walkway ,where you can stand still on it and it moves you from poin A to point B , like you see them on airports.


The most unefficient/ hardware wasting way would be to build real tiles and define with martinee an actual path for them. Only the side you see and let them constantly spawn at the beginning and despawn at the end.
But… cant i instead put a detection box over the geometry which adds velocity in the direction of the walkwaymovement to an player who collides with the box and fake the moving tiles with a shader which does only look like a moving walkway ???
It must work in multiplayer.I just started in unreal engine 4 a week ago so i could use some help :wink:

This specific example should be handled in a material with a panner. So each segment on the path is just a tiling texture which then moves over the surface. Then you use a volume for moving the player forward. I don’t remember the name of the volume, but there’s been one since ages back. Even before UE3 I believe.

Whipped up a quick material as an example. Please ignore the placeholder pixel art brick textures, I’m definitely not an artist.


I wasn’t able to find a premade volume that propels the player forward, but it should be pretty easy to whip one up using a trigger volume, checking if the player is actually grounded, and then either applying a force or moving the character directly.

Thank you a lot.
Very cool stuff.

A trigger at the entrance that activates a blocking volume that pushes the player maybe?

That’s a possibility, but I worry that would restrict players too much. Assuming they’re allowed to move while on the belt.
1.) Walking backward. If they’re being pushed by a blocking volume they won’t be able to walk backward at all.
2.) Walking forward. If they’re being pushed by a blocking volume then it will either have to stick right on them, or there will be a lag after stopping before the belt pushes them further.
3.) Jumping. They’ll still be pushed forward when they jump, and that’s probably not desired.

I really think it needs to be either a real moving platform (Probably not the right way to go for a number of reasons) or a very short (~1-2 units?)trigger volume that pushes the player forward on every on stay event.