How do I begin creating a grid-based simulation/tycoon game?

Hi All,

Aspiring game developer here, and was wondering if someone could give me a few tips on how to get started with my project.

I am looking to create a sim game, and was looking for some guidance on how to set this up and what functionality to look at.

  • Grid based building - Build structures (walls, floors, doors etc) using predetermined assets
  • Assign grid based on level design

Setup for this will be similar to ‘Theme Hospital’, however will use 3d models rather than sprites.

I hope someone can give me a few pointers or point me towards a tutorial/ documentation on something similar.

Apologies for hassle, but thank you for looking at it :slight_smile:

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This is a pretty broad subject and you might have difficulty getting a solid response on AnswerHub. AnswerHub is typically used for more focused questions on specific topics and for bug reports. Your best bet will be to start this same conversation on forums, which you can find here:

There’s a lot of good information in Community Content, Tools and Tutorials section, and posting in General Discussion section might get you some good community support.

If you’re just getting started with editor, you might also benefit from going through some of video tutorials here, which includes many official videos:


Hope that helps get you started. Good luck with your project, and be sure to come back here when you run into specific issues!

Hey ,

Thank you for your prompt response.

After reading my post for a second time I realize, that indeed, I was being very non specific with my request.

More specifically, it should look something like this:

Strategy - Top down, non direct control over units, AI driven, Economy driven

Building - Required to build ‘level’ on grid based level, placing assets such as furniture, walls, floors etc (think Sims1/2/3)

Simulation - It will be a simulation type game (think ‘Prison Architect’ or old school ‘Theme Hospital’)

Tycoon - It will be a tycoon type game where you are constantly managing resources to expand on your ‘empire’

So far we have had a few small projects, mainly FPS or third person, but never something along this scope. So really I am looking for documents, tutorials, teachers or guidance on how to get level design up and any challenges we might face.

I have posted this onto forums as well to see if someone can provide me with a starting point.

Either way, I have seen community and its moderators being very active and immensely helpful, so I am positive I’ll manage to get where I want to be :slight_smile:

I will be doing a bit more work, and if issues become more specific in nature I will be posting!

Thanks again!