How do i batch apply AutoLOD.

I have one large mesh landscape split into 200 differrent meshes. I want to apply automatic lod to all of these these meshes.
How can i do this?

I think this is an important feature, Will it be implemented? I have found a slow,bodge-job solution though.
I made a mouse macro which goes through the meshes and applies the settings. It is very slow though, takes 30m to do all meshes. The Macro also glitches out occasionally because ue4 does not Always respond properly.

UEditor doesn’t support muti-asset editing on most cases.
Almost all editor panels are per single asset.

Maybe they rework it someday…

But, try the matrix panel:

I am building UE4 from source and adding my little pieces of code for all the automation tasks I need.
If you are not coder guy, then you need some mouse-made macro solutions
I did not find any easier way to do this

If your looking for a quick way to Bulk generate LOD’s on the fly this will do the trick for you it’s easy to use non destructive & not only does it generate LOD’s in bulk but it searches for all of your assets and generates all of your asset’s LOD’s where bulk matrix does have a limitation as being able to select all folders which have meshes in them and best of all it’s really cheap.

You can set up your LODs on one asset, right click the asset and copy the LOD settings, then highlight all the assets in the asset browser and paste the LOD settings. This exists in the default engine at least since 4.19.

This video explains what i was trying to say