How do I back up and restore my game / project

If you don’t have some kind of version control software (Perforce, Subversion, Git, etc.) then the quickest way to make a backup is go to the menu bar at the top of the editor and select File > Package Project > Zip Up Project. This will generate a ZIP archive of your project, minus things like temporary files and derived data that you don’t really need for backup purposes.

To restore it, simply unpack the ZIP into a folder and double-click the project file.

How can I back up my game I am making and have put considerable time into (e.g. in case my computer hard drive crashes). I would like to save something off to an external drive. I would also like to know how to restore it.

I’ve had the worst experience with this.

If you have any plugins, make sure to back them up also.

Otherwise, just copy the project directory.