How do I automatically play a Level Sequence/Cinematic when I run my game in UE4?

Hi there, I am pretty new to UE4 and I am looking to use an “Level Sequence” which I made today as a background for the main menu, however I can’t seem to work out how to make the animation run when I go to play the game, I also need it to loop. Again I am new to UE4, I have searched YouTube and Google for hours and can’t seem to find anything but collision events.

Is anyone able to create a blueprint for me to use? Credits will be given :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

  • Josh

Throw your sequence in the level, select it, open the LevelBlueprint, right click, choose in the contextual menu: Create a reference to “your sequence here”, then:

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Another way is dropping it into the level:

Then with it selected, check Auto Play in the Details panel: