How do I attach weapon to my character without breaking animations

I attached my weapon through BP to my ranged unit and my animations broke, been trying to find the root of the problem but I am still quite new to this, any help solving my problem would be highly appreciated, thanks!

if any other information is needed, please ask and I will supply it!cde5d3502978c91df1e975937c26f515f9cd4889.png

here is a video of the ranged unit in question.

With broke you mean (cant see anything in the video) :slight_smile:

-that you get the upper warning?
-that they dont play the animations anymore?
-that the animation plays in a weird way?

The animation does not play at all, it does play if the shotgun isn’t attached to the ranged unit.
I’m not sure what the warning is indicating but it seems redundant.

I resolved it, I connected the static mesh instead of the skeletal mesh and it worked.