How do I attach a targetpoint to my Character?

I want to make an actor teleport in front of my character. So I figured if I can add an targetpoint to attach to my character I can make any actor teleport to that targetpoint location. I used Set Actor Location but that puts the actor in my character rather in front of. I’m very new to UE4 just a few days.

This was a little bit tricky for me but I think I got something working for you. Example: Teleport to Me - YouTube

So I got my Movable Mesh from level (This could be an actor placed in the level) to teleport in front of MyCharacter.
To do this, I added a sphere component to MyCharacter components, a little bit ahead of my character. This sphere component is invisible in game, it serves as our teleport location. Now to access this component in our Level Blueprint, you have to get the player pawn, get the root component from that and then get the child component from that one. Our sphere component happens to be the third child component from our character components. Then we just get the location from that sphere component and plug it to our teleport’s destination.

Hopefully this was helpful for you!