How do I attach a child actor to a chid actor?

I have two child actors in an actor. In its construction script I’m using ‘attach to component (target is scene component)’. I have put the right socket name in. I have selected ‘snap to target’ for location rule and rotation rule. I have selected ‘keep relative’ for scale rule, otherwise its 10 times the size it should be. I have checked ‘weld simulated bodies’. When I run it, the child actor I’m trying to attach is in the wrong place. When I delete the name of the socket then run it, nothing changes. Also, according to the boolean output of the ‘attach to component’, the attachment is neither successful or unsuccessful.

How do I make it go to the socket?

If you have 2 child actors in actor, you can parent them… like first child is attached on your capsule then you can attach second child actor to first actor and move it where you want… or this is not possible in your project?

Do you mean in the list of components, I should drag the target of the attach to component under the parent of it, then drag the parent under the capsule? When I do that, it still doesn’t work but it faces a different way when I run it.