How do I attach a actor to another actor?

I want to know how to attach an actor to another one. I created a stone axe in unreal (as an actor) and i want to attach it to the player and since it’s not a static mesh is it possible to do this? if not how should i go about doing this and if i can please tell me thank you!

There is a AttachToActor Action in the Blueprint System. Set the Axe as Target and the Player as In Parent.
That should work.

To get it to attach to the hand on the player you need to create a Socket on the skeleton hand bone and then type the name of the socket in the AttachToActor Blueprint Action

thank you that worked!!!

Great! Glad I could help.

Good luck with future blueprinting :smiley:

Hey @Alltvin ,
I have one c++ class, when i drag that class into the editor it should create the two mesh, Which will have parent child relationship in “World outliner” ??

Any idea how can i do that ???(Example will be very helpful like “Code snippet”)

TY in advance.