How do I assign World Outliner to keyboard shortcut?

I would like to assign the World Outliner tab to a keyboard shortcut but it doesn’t appear in the keybindings menu. Is it unsupported? Seems an odd omission.

Only replying here because I’m awfully interested to see if a post for 2016 might still answered.

Now that UE5 has the tabs for the World Outliner, how can I get that on a shortcut? It would be a huge workflow improvement.

fingers crossed

We want a keyboard shortcut! How so it is still impossible?

But it does?

or did you mean Outliner?

Errm… That World Settings, we ask about World Outliner. Or just the Outliner. You know, the stuff which lists the actors in your world.

Yeah i realised what you meant afterwards i call it level outliner. i leave mine docked so its a none issue but i know some dont like to

It is pretty useful to show docked windows on request. We can see there are shortcuts for many like Actor Details, World Settings, Content Browser, Log Window, etc. But not and the Outliner.

Maybe its because there are 4 standard iterations? but still useful none the less, i see the value of it

Just going to chip in on this and also request a keyboard shortcut for the Outliner. If Unreal had keyboard accessibility on a level with something like Blender it would be a tremendous productivity improvement for people who are big keyboard users, like me :slight_smile: