How do I assign a weapon to a 2d character?

Im looking at a game where i have a main body sprite with 2 independently moving arms as melee ( think of a 2d boxing game.) I have concluded that the easiest way to make my 2 arms swing at different intervals is to treat them as weapons, and assign the arms to my character as such. The only problem is, im a total noob to blueprints, and i acnt seem to find a tutorial that covers weapons as a separate sprite (kind of how a weapon is in a 3d game.) The tutorials for 3d cover this, except they use sockets as in this tutorial —> BP Twin Stick Shooter: Attaching the Gun | 19 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube
so how do i do what he does in this video except in 2d?

sorry if i babbled a bit, i’ve been stuck on this for a while, and it has bogged me down.

any help is appreciated.