How do I apply my FQuat's in my Blueprint?


I am trying to solve some very bad gimbal flips in my motion controller animated characters and have taken to try to write a custom node in c++ in hope of being able to somehow FQuat the problem away.

I have made some simple nodes to test with that outputs an FQuat. But how can I even apply this in my Animation Blueprint without having to go via ‘Rotator’?
As its the Rotators that seem to be the problem causer. I can’t start making my whole character in c++ there must be a way to do this in a minimal way.

How would I in blueprint use my FQuat’s directly to rotate skeleton mesh bones?


There is no way to access them in blueprint. However, there is also no problem in converting back and forth between quaternions and rotators as needed. A rotator can represent a rotation or orientation just as well as a quaternion can, the difference is in the operations performed on them. So long as you do all your operations on quaternions, you won’t lose anything by converting to and from rotators when you need to pass from BP to C++ and back.

I have tried to eliminate everything else that might be a possible cause or contributor to the gimbal flips but I still get them even when I procedurally generating the values and piping them in as straight as I can. (see picture) I also tried skipping the Make Rotator but still had the same problem.
If even this doesn’t avoid the gimbal problems then how would I be able to pass any rotation?


EDIT: I have just made some characters+animBP’s from scratch with absolutlely nothing in them except for that snippet in the picture that generates rotations. I don’t get the flips in those. So I must still have something in my real character that combined with the rotation makes it flip out.
This post would be better off in the Blueprint section now I suppose.