How do i apply Movement Animeset Pro to a 3rd person character?

Hello, i’m very new and please just tell me if i put this in the wrong forum ill move it.

Anyway, I honestly have no idea how to go about this, the Movement Animset Pro pack, doesnt come with a character, only the skeleton, mesh, and all the animations. Is there a way to apply these animations to my character? I can’t go in to the third person character and change the Skeletal Mesh, because then he just stands there with his arms out. Also, nothing from the pack pops up in the “Animation Mode” scroll down menu either. Long Story short: How do i get these animations to work with my character?

I’m a huge noob and am very new, so a tutorial on how to do this would be helpful. I can’t seem to find one anywhere (or rather i’m not sure what to search).

I added some pictures if anyone is confused of what i’m talking about (i dont know all the terminology)

Any help is appreciated.

when u import them do not import the mesh too “untick” import mesh then engine will ask you on what skeleton to import the animation u want pick ur character skeleton from the drop down menu and import…

I hope this will help you

So when you say “pick ur character skeleton from the drop down menu” do you mean the new skeleton with all the new animations?

I cant seem to find where to import them besides straight from the market? there is no tick for not importing the mesh

If you have a character, say from Mixamo, you’ll need to follow the retargeting procedures described here:

The only way you can “easily” transfer the animations to your character is if your character shared the exact same skeleton. For instance, you can 1) export the skeleton from UE4. 2) Open it in your 3D Program (3DSMax, Maya, Blender, etc.) 3) Bind your character to that skeleton 4) Export your newly created skeletal mesh as an FBX 5)Import it into UE4 and, when prompted, choose the Movement Animset Pro’s skeleton.

At that point your character, using the Movement Animset Pro’s skeleton, will be ready to use all the animations in that set.